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Yearly Numerology


This reading describes the important yearly and monthly influences that affect you each and every year.

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Sample Reading

Numerology has been used for thousands of years to provide deep insights into one’s personality, intimate relationships, and the important influences that affect one’s daily life.

Yearly Numerology Reading

This reading describes the important yearly and monthly influences that affect you each and every year. It shows how to get the most out of your experiences by identifying the likely events that will happen and the preferred approach to those events. Several important yearly influences are given in addition to a month by month look at what to expect.

These influences are not directly related to your basic personality (as described in the Personal Numerology Reading), but instead show the time of greatest opportunity or when potential difficulties can arise. Having this information before hand can help you to get the most out of each year.

Each reading will describe the:

  • Most likely events to occur during the year that can indicate the best time to embark on a new venture, begin a romance or simply enhance your life.
  • Yearly approach to events that show how to minimise your frustrations and maximise your chances for success. By following this approach, you are best able to take advantage of the opportunities that occur, as well as to avoid or minimise the difficulties likely to be encountered.
  • Monthly cycles that describe the approach to events likely to produce the most growth and development during each month. By using the described approach, you’ll be able to make the most of each month.

This reading covers a 12 month period, starting with the month your order is processed.

These readings make excellent gifts, but most importantly they can help you to better understand and guide each member of your family.

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