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Tree of Life Tarot


Knowledge of the future can bring peace of mind.

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Tarot cards have been used for centuries by many people worldwide to reveal future trends and possibilities and guide them when making decisions.

Insights, predictions and advice for :

  1. KETHER: Spiritual impulse, higher self.
  2. ‘HOKMA: The male force, the Father.
  3. BINAH: The Female force, the receptive. The Mother.
  4. ‘HESED: Ideals, the Law, inner will, religious matters. Female relatives.
  5. GEBURAH: Determination, strength, the power to act, aspirations. Male relatives.
  6. TIPARETH: Balance, harmony, heart centre, control, solar plexus.
  7. NETZACH: Desires, emotions, feelings, romance, arts and creativity.
  8. HOD: Communication, speech, thoughts, logic and the mind.
  9. YESOD: Imagination, instincts, sex, habits.
  10. MALKUTH: The body, physical condition, the environment, the present.
  11. DAATH: Summation or culminating card.

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Tarot Readings provide extremely useful insights, predictions and advice, giving you the opportunity to steer your life away from potentially negative experiences towards positive outcomes.

The messages and guidance offered by a Tarot Reading will be honest and give clarity, meaning and validation to the recipient. Moreover, Tarot Readings can provide flashes of inspiration where otherwise the problems the person may be facing may seem insurmountable.

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