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The Benefits of a Candle Blessing

A Candle Blessing is useful if you are in need of a some healing and good fortune in your life. Psychic Paul Dean will link with Spirit and give you absent spiritual healing and light.

As Light dispels Darkness, a Candle Blessing is a powerful and effective means of focusing psychic energy and directing it at will to bring incredible positive changes.

A Candle Blessing can be performed for overall Good Fortune, or for anything you wish, including: Love, Health, Prosperity, Protection or for something appropriate to you…

A Candle Blessing is particularly beneficial if you have had a series of unfortunate events, a spell of bad luck or if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • tiredness
  • depression
  • malaise
  • illness
  • nightmares
  • suicidal thoughts
  • psychic attack
  • you believe you have been ill-wished, hexed or cursed by someone

or if you are just run down, fed up and out of luck.

Perhaps, things aren’t too bad, but they could be a lot better!

A blessing will nullify a curse, or to put it another way; a Candle Blessing will remove negative and dark energies from your aura by refilling with positive energies and light.

A Candle Blessing may also be effectively performed for a loved one.

A white candle will be personalised, anointed, blessed and lit, along with a prayer to the Higher Power asking for healing, protection, guidance, wisdom and love to be granted to you. The Candle Blessing is then concluded by Paul psychically sending you; healing and astral light to help you to attract much more fortunate experiences.

A white magick spell cast for Love, Fortune, Protection and Blessings

Payments by donation.

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